Lesson 1 & 2 April 4, 2004

Isaiah 52:13 - 53:12

The Suffering Servant





Outline of section:

a. 52:13-15 Summary of the Messiah's suffering. Headline!

b. 53:1-9 The facts of the Messiah's suffering.

c. 53:10-12 The Fruit of the Messiah's suffering. His Success!


Subject: The Suffering servant, the Messiah, The Christ


This passage is quoted no less than 7 times in the N.T. applying the context to Christ.

- Acts 8:32-33 Isa 53:7-8 [read through 35]

- 1 Pet 2:22 Isa 53:9

- Lk 22:37 Isa 53:12




The passage moves from one of glory to suffering in 52:13-15;

And then Isaiah moves from suffering to glory in 53:1-12.





The centerpiece of this whole passage textually we'll find is 53:5.

What important Doctrine is it teaching?





The Problem of Salvation is this:

1. God is just, therefore He must punish sin!

2. God is also love, and therefore desires the salvation of the Sinner.








52:13-15 Summary of the Messiah's suffering.


#1. 52:13 His Glory is Declared







Verse 13 makes four declarations about the Messiah, about Christ! That is as God's servant.

1. First and therefore emphatic is that He will prosper; will have success









2. "He will be high"



3. "He will be lifted up"



4. "He will be greatly exalted"





#2. Declaration of His Suffering vs:14-15





"So His appearance was marred more than any man, And His form more than the sons of men." describes the reason for them being stunned, shocked, emotionally devastated!






"He will sprinkle many nations." This is very important!


What is in view with sprinkle?



- Examples:

1. Sprinkling of water for purification; Lev 14:7.

2. Sprinkling of oil; to sanctify the temple, its utensils; also the priest; all to indicate their consecration for service; Lev. 8:10-12 purify and set apart for service


3. Sprinkling of blood; seen in the sin offering Lev 4:6; 16:14


* Therefore what is in view here with the sprinkling is to signify His High Priestly ministry; Dealing with the guilt of our sin; purifying, and sanctifying many believers; making us royal priests.



Not only was He doing the will of God, but in being the High Priest and in that role doing what was absolutely necessary to provide salvation.





1. That which appears to be failure is in reality success!


2. The heart of the cross is substitution .




53:1-9 The facts of the Messiah's suffering.

1. Opens with a preliminary question. 53:1

2. Detailed description of the Messiah's ministry and suffering. 53:1-9

a. of His life :2-4a

b. of the significance of His ministry :4b-6

c. of His trials 53:7

d. of His death 53:8

e. of His burial 53:9


1. 53:1 The Question;


What is the implication from the question?



There is an interesting point here with this lament, who has heard our message




What's the link or connection in the parallelism between message and the arm of the Lord?


The answer:

God's decisive action and power intervening in human history in deliverance and salvation. So it speaks here of His power to save.


We also have here the means of releasing and realizing this awesome power, that is, believing that message of the Gospel.