Lesson 2



The proposition that we're building on is that the revealed will of God is sufficient for the believer. Documentation for this is 2 Tim 3:16-17


#1. The origin of Scripture; "All scripture is inspired by God.."


#2. The use of Scripture.

- First it says its what? Profitable; wvfe,limoj (-imoj says that it is describing an action or a process) also means useful, beneficial, advantageous.


- Then it lists 4 categories in which this applies.

a. teaching (didaskalia) general word with emphasis on content; today we might call it curriculum; Scripture must be the source of all the curriculum, all doctrine taught.


b. reproof = evlegmo,j basic to expose (Jn 3:20) idea is to point out error; therefore the convicting of sin in the life.


c. correction; evpano,rqwsij; used of setting a leg; set something or someone upright; it assumes an error that is to be set upright or in order; therefore the idea of correcting, refuting error.


d. for instruction in righteousness = paidei,a; more than just training it is a total education, step by step process;in righteousness (dikaiosu,nh) [quality] experiential;


#3. The Purpose of Scripture.

"That the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work."


- a;rtioj = complete, capable, sufficient; ie to meet all of God's demands; Not only that but the word will make the man of God,

evxarti,zw fully/completely outfitted and furnished; fully supplied and equipped; i.e. for anything that we might face in life.



What is this passage telling us??


We can relax over the will of God in that we do not need to wring our hands, over what is not in the word!



So if we are to be "adequate and fully equipped" in life we must recognize that this is related to having a knowledge of God's will as revealed in Scripture.



As we grow, mature in that revealed word, it will shape our goals in life, and our attitudes in life and as a result the actions we take. Remember actions flow out of thinking!




- The will of God, through the Word of God will aid us in developing and defining our goals and our attitudes in life.




2. The moral will of God is the expression of the character of God. Rom 7:12; Rom 12:2


a. Because of this, it produces that same character in the life of the one who obeys it and leads to fullness of life. Psa 19:7-11.


Rabbit Trail Psa. 19:7-11

The Word of God makes a claim for it self that we must not ever loose track of as believers. The God-breathed Scriptures are sufficient for our lives today.




Peter in 2 Pet 1:3 a very strong statement relating to our provision in Christ for life and godliness.

Means of realizing that provision in our lives is related here to something concrete; "through the true knowledge of Him who called us" [notice the link through is dia = means/instrument]




Question?? Are we attempting to use cheap substitutes in place of what God has already provided?



What is subtly being said today is that we need human vpt solutions to augment what the Word teaches. This is where psychoheresy is infiltrating the church.

Have 6 synonyms for the Word of God here.

- the law of the Lord;

- the testimony of the Lord;

- the precepts of the Lord;

- the commandments of the Lord;

- "the fear of the Lord"

- the judgments of the Lord;


1. 19:7a Scripture is perfect, restoring the soul.

The word for law here is torah, hr'AT emphasizes the teaching and instruction that comes from the Word of God.


"perfect" is tamiym; ~ymiT' (adj.) basically means to be whole, complete, sufficient;


Can man be perfect? Not as long as he possesses a sin nature.

- But like that animal destined for sacrifice to picture the perfection of Christ our Savior, we can be blameless, that is all that God desires of us to be in our respective niches! (Ps 18:20-24)



Next the effect (benefit) of this perfect complete sufficient instruction; "restoring the soul" (hiphil ptc. causative); bWv to bring back; to restore; to refresh; to turn away from and turn toward;



David then is saying that the Word of God, Scripture, is so powerful and comprehensive that it can turn one's life, transform the entire person; putting them precisely in the direction that God desires.


2. 19:7b Scripture is Trustworthy, Imparting Wisdom

"The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple."

- Testimony speaks of Scripture as being a divine witness; a declaration of the will of God; brings into focus absolutes;



- sure reminds us that His testimony is unwavering, immovable, unmistakable, reliable and worthy to be trusted.


What is more sure to you, the word of God? His testimony? or the experiences that you have had.




The Word then is a more trustworthy and sounder basis of faith.

God's sure word has the effect of making wise the simple!

- simple = speaks of the naive; one who does not have the skill to discern that which is false or harmful.



Don't mistake this for facts, to have a knowledge of facts; the word is chakam (hiph ptc) and it emphasizes what is practical, it deals with revealed principles of what is right and wrong that is to be believed and lived out in ones life.



3. Scripture is right, causing joy. Vs:8a

The precepts of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart.


Precepts brings into focus the fact that God is the definer of duty; the principles, the guidelines for character and conduct.


These precepts from the Lord are right; they're straight, upright, correct. Its more than just indicating what is right as over against what is wrong.




And what does it say will be the consequence of being on the right path?? What is the benefit for now? today? tomorrow?

"rejoicing the heart" it brings us great joy when believed and lived out




- What this says here is to focus on divine truth and there you will find true and lasting joy.




The Psalmist writing in Ps 119 tells us that he went to Scripture when he was in pain (ynI[') see this in vs:50.




If we follow the human viewpoint solutions we may find temporary relief but not the lasting joy that God can and does provide as we are obedient to His Word!