Lesson 14

The Brain Soul Complex




4. The mechanics of the presence of the sin nature in all mankind

a. Proof that the sin nature is located in the genetic code of the flesh:

1. David said his conception was marked by sin and since sex isn't a sin between husband and wife he must be discussing the origin of his sin nature. ( Ps.51:5 )

"Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity (be'awon) !Aw["b.

- iniquity is one of the most complex Hebrew words.  (root = 'awah) has a meaning to bend, to distort, to make crooked.

- So it also is used of subterfuge and treachery employed that brings oppression, injustice and harm. (Good synonym for the sin nature)

and in sin (be-hata  aj.xeb.) my mother conceived me. 

- (this refers to the first cell of his fleshly existence at conception)

- Note: Ps 51 has as its background David's confession of his sin concerning the Bathsheba incident.

2. Consistent references to the flesh and body as being the place of sin and lust (Ro 7:18 "For I know that nothing good dwells in me, that is in my flesh."

See Ro.7:23-25; 8:1-9,12,13; Gal 5:16 "lust of the flesh"; Eph 2:3;  Col 2:11;   2 Pet 2:10,18;  1 Jn 2:16.


3. Necessity of the virgin birth (cover in detail in pt. 6) Rom 8:3 "sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, He condemned sin in the flesh.")


4. The fact that the sin nature isn't in the soul since the soul comes by  creation and God being perfect does not create imperfect beings.


b. Mechanics of the perpetuation of the sin nature.

1. Since the sin nature originated with Adam at the fall and is in the flesh, Adam can perpetuate through procreation nothing better than himself.


2. When he was judged for his sin he acquired via genetic engineering the sin nature with its various lusts and propensity to human good.


3. All of which he then passed on to his progeny in procreation.


4. The sin nature begins in each person when the 23 chromosomes of the male sperm fertilize the 23 chromosomes of the female ovum.


5. So the genetic code in general and the sin nature genes in particular  are found in the first cell and spreads to all cells (100 trillion) during the pregnancy.


6. But the sin nature manifests itself in the genes (DNA) of the cells of the  central nervous system (B/C) and has excellent opportunity to influence the Real You from birth by influencing ones thinking. (Gen 6:5; 8:21b;    Jer 17:9;   Mt 12:34,35;     Mk 7:20-23).


7. So all men are born sinners inherently due to genetic engineering.


8. The volition of the Real You remains free to respond to grace and upset the rule of the sin nature.


c. Mechanics of spiritual death and the sin nature.

1. Adam's fall and subsequent judgment resulting in his spiritual death is the origin of the sin nature.  Rom 5:12-13

a. This newly acquired sin nature was etched into Adam's genetic code, his DNA.


b.  God who must judge all sin and sinful conditions at some point in A-C, imputed A.O.S. to its genetic home (sin nature) producing spiritual death. (Gen 2:16,17 cp  Rom 5:13)

- everything that is in or from the sin nature, God must judge!

- Personal sin, & evil judged at the cross

      - bel's human good - judged at J.S.C.

      - UB's human good - judged at G.W.T.J.


c. Conclusions:

1. through one man = Adam

2. Sin entered the world = origin of sin in human race

3. death through sin = spiritual death (result of AOS imputed to its genetic home)


2. Adam's fall and subsequent spiritual death is the pattern for Adam's progeny.

a. Mechanics of the spread of spiritual death.

1. All inherit genetically Adam's sin nature - called flesh - the  body of corruption.


2. At the point of conception God imputes A.O.S. to its genetic home the sin nature.

      God creates the Soul - imputes human life,   the neshemah and because the individual has a sin nature therefore God must then impute Iaos.


3. Result = mankind is born physically alive but spiritually dead.     

Eph 2:1 "... and you were dead in the sphere of trespasses and sins."

1 Cor 15:22 .."in Adam all die"


4. So all of Adam's posterity shares in his spiritual death from birth, and that involuntarily.

Rom 5:14a "Nevertheless death reigned from Adam until Moses, even over those who had not sinned (voluntarily)  in the likeness of Adam's offense".

Rom 5:15b "For if by the transgression of the one the many died".

Rom 5:18a "So then as through one transgression there resulted condemnation  (katakrima - sp death)  to all men".

Rom 5:19 "For as through the one man's disobedience the  many were made sinners".


b. God is perfectly fair - (sin nature likes to cry unfair! ) when he imputes AOS to Adam's progeny since:

1. Wherever the sinful trend (sin nature) leads - the sin of Adam follows - affinity.

2.  God in the name of fairness, justice and being totally consistent with His holiness must impute Adam's sin to mankind's sin nature.  (law of cause and effect)

3.  Wherever the justice of God finds the cause, OSN, He must impute the effect, A.O.S..

4.  ***  cause  ***          ***  effect  ***

Chooses to sin                    A.O.S.

Adam's org sin               sin nature  (Adam's)

us with sin nature               Iaos

law of cause and effect demands consistency

5.  The sin nature in the collective body of mankind is an involuntary cause but a cause nevertheless. Rom 5:14

6. The effect is the imputation of AOS to mankind's sin nature.

7. So at birth God charged each individual with AOS so collectively we sinned when Adam sinned. Rom 5:14; 3:23; 5:12 "all sinned"

8. We are all from birth facsimiles of Adam possessing (Adam's) sin nature - IAOS and therefore are born spiritually dead.