Lesson 9

The Brain Soul Complex

Human Spirit - Part 4



5. Examples of correct read-outs from the soul with the human spirit operational.


i. Sanctification - 1 Thes 5:23; Eph 4:20-24 cp 3:16-19; Lk 1:80 cp 2:40      


j. Absence of deceit - Ps 32:2



6. Human Spirit departs the body in physical death and returns to God.

Eccl  12:7; Jas 2:26; Jn 19:30


7. The Function of the Human Spirit in relationship to human history:

a.  1 Cor 1 & 2 document that there is definitely a system of wisdom beyond the pale of the natural system of perception for man.

1 Cor 2:10-16. 

b.  It is impossible to attain this wisdom through arm-chair philosophy and/or the scientific laboratory while both are bound to the natural system within the sphere of influence of the corrupting sin nature.


c.  They can only observe natural phenomena and due to the influencing sin nature apart from the indwelling H.S., and human spirit which will only distort true metaphysical (spiritual) reality. Rom 1:18ff.

d.  So the destiny of man and his universe as well as true origins are lost to them.        cf 2 Pet 3:1-13.

e.  High I.Q. is of no help to them but rather often becomes a liability under negative volition - 1 Cor 1:21; 2:14


f.   The wisdom of the kosmos, the world systems invented by high I.Q. types to explain reality, are an attempt to actually rival or supplant God's wisdom.


g.  Those born with high I.Q., natural ability, wealth or power as a group tend to reject the P/G with its grace provisions for salvation and life through pride  - arrogance.                    1 Cor 1:26


h.  The only by-pass to this limiting and distorting system of the natural system of perception is:

1. The E/HS - neutralizing/isolating the sin nature.


2. The human spirit, a supernatural spiritual integrating system given by  grace at salvation to interface between the brain and soul.   1 Cor 2:12,13.


i.   The natural man's (psuchikos-man without the spiritual bypass) read-out on doctrine is "foolishness" 1 Cor 2:14.


j.   But to the positive believer under grace provision for perception (called "pneumatikos-man)" he can attain all true metaphysical reality.   1 Cor 2:15


k.  The carnal believer (sarkikos type) like his unbeliever counterpart distorts doctrine due to sin nature influence  therefore becoming a casualty in A/C.

- 1 Cor 3:1 cp Corinth beliefs, all the areas that Paul had to straighten them out about.


l.   The result of this is believers possessing some of the weirdest and unbelievable "read-outs" concerning "spiritual reality"

- so don't be puzzled when you run across believers who are "weirdo's".


m. There is no excuse for this since we have the grace system of perception and the completed canon. 1 Cor 2:13,16.


n.  A believer who has faithfully used the grace system cannot be accurately  evaluated by anyone under the natural system.  1 Cor 2:14,15.

- has no frame of reference of DVPT to evaluate believers by





a. Throughout this study a distinction must be maintained between the  "LIVING SOUL" and the brain processes.

1.  The living soul is a substance (higher electrical energy) which is invisible but real, and cannot be destroyed by any human means,    Mt 10:28


2.  The brain (i.e. the central nervous system which acts as a computer to interpret afferent impulses-input via the 5 senses and also, upon command, send out efferent impulses causing the body to act or react) is made from various sophisticated biochemical elements.    Gen 2:7;  1 Cor 15:45