Lesson 5

 The Brain Soul Complex


Doctrine of the Soul Continued:


7.  The soul then becomes the real battleground in the Angelic Conflict.- that is during human history.  Ps 143:3,12; Eph 6:11-17 (spiritual provision for)

a. Since the soul is linked to knowledge and wisdom (Prov 2:10; 24:14; 19:2) it is the object of attack by Satan (Eph. 4:17-19, 27; 1 Tim 4:1-2; Rev 2:10; 20:2, 3, 10).

- his objective is to see that the grace spiritual bypass is shut down.

b. Any spiritual victory, any spiritual growth, any success as a believer is inevitably related to your soul. Heb 13:17; Eph 4:13-16, 23, 24  

The Positional aspects of the New-Man are accomplished by God at Salvation;

After salvation the issue through out the rest of our life is to grow up spiritually; to get our spiritual act together;

In 4:23 he gave us the basis of doing this "keep on being renewed in the spirit of your mind,"

In Col 3:10 Paul states slightly different "and have put on the new self who is being renewed to a true knowledge according to the image of the ONE who created Him.


c. The issue then in the rulership of the soul, not what you do but what you think. Prov 23:7.


8.  The soul is also the area of the worst sinning (MAS)

Prov. 6:16-19; Mt 15:18 - 20;  Heb 3:10;   

a. What you think is what you are. Prov 23:7.

b. There is a sense then that the mouth becomes the window of the soul even more than the eyes, unless you speak lies.  Prov 10:11, 14, 19; 17:27, 28.  (lying reveals lack of integrity but only when the liar is caught in his lies.)

c. The soul under the domination of the sin nature sponsors all overt sins as well as the sins of the tongue.  Prov 6:18; Jas 1:26; cp 3:2-8; Acts 5:3-5; 2 Pet 2:9-14


9.  Because of scar tissue from persistent rejection of truth (Ro 1:18-32; 2:5;  Eph 4:17-19)  the soul becomes the seat of misery. Ps 6:3; 106:15; 119:25, 28, 81.


10.  The soul is the area for capacities in life  (good and evil);

a. One's capacity for blessing and happiness is related to the soul and its content of truth.  1 Pet 1:22; 3 Jn 2. 

- indicates a mastery of the details of life, not disoriented by the circumstances or tests of life

b. Capacity for cursing, misery, and destruction in the soul results from carnality and or persistent rejection of truth. Eph 4:18;  Prov 21:10.


11.  In physical death the soul departs from the physical body therefore the scriptural definition of death is the soul leaving the body.

Job 27:8;  2 Cor 5:8; Rev 20:4