Lesson 3

Introduction to the Brain Soul Complex



1. There must be a distinction made between the material brain process and the 'living soul'.

a. The brain as we have noted is made up of a various physiochemical components. Balance of those components is crucial for its proper function.


b. The living soul is a substance, but far different and more than just its constituent neuro-chemical and physiochemical elements in the brain.


c. The brain is made of a material substance, while the soul is made up of a higher electrical energy not yet categorized by the physicists, and yet a very real substance.


2.  The brain with its 'computer' like function is either the "ruler of the soul" or is "ruled by the soul" though the function of one's volition.


3.  Being a part of the "body of corruption", ie, containing the sin nature the brain computer has excellent opportunity to perpetuate on the  soul inaccurate and twisted concepts that may be stored there.


4.  Prin: The Brain-computer has a natural tendency to record and feed out the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and an unnatural tendency in that it will NOT handle divine viewpoint of its own initiative. (always twists and distorts)


5.  Only the soul overruling the brain-computer and programming the brain with doctrine, will ever convert it from a storage bank of the knowledge of good and evil to the storage banks of doctrine.

      - we are given the where with all to make this happen by grace

- renewing of the mind, building the frame of reference needed



6.  And even then with doctrine stored in the interpretative cortex through the brain-stem, which is the feeder-stem, the read-out stem, will distort doctrine and give the soul an inaccurate read-out apart from the ministry of God the Holy Spirit.

- natural and the spiritual paths


7.  Under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit, who indwells the body along with the sin nature, takes control of the computer and imposes on it or plugs into it a supernatural circuitry (grace bypass) through which clear and non-contaminated or distorted doctrine can travel to the analysis center of the soul.

a. For the believer there are two late residents of the body: (late resident = not present when God created man in His image)

1. The Sin Nature.  

2. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit.


b.  The Sin Nature being part of the genetic engineering of each cell, including the brain, rules the body in such a way that its trends are all 'naturally' away from the policy of God. (DVPT)


c.  The indwelling of the Holy Spirit has no effect on this rule of the Sin Nature except under conditions of the empowering of the Holy Spirit. 

1. The B/HS breaks the power of the sin nature over the body positionally.      

2. The E/HS breaks the power of the sin nature over the body experientially.


 d. In Eph 5:18 we're given the command to be filled by the Spirit.

1. It is through the fulfillment of this command that believer realizes the influence and enablement or empowerment to live the CWOL, to actually reflect the character of Christ in their life.

plhro,w  pres pass imp.  the pres. is customary;  i.e. it is to be an ongoing condition in life of all Bel's.


2.  What this involves is the setting aside of the ruling power and influence of the sin nature which is genetically engineered into the brain-stem and brain as well as every cell of the body.


3.  The Holy Spirit fully influences by plugging in a new spiritual brain-stem ie, the human spirit.


4. This supernatural circuitry is the means of getting accurate and lucid doctrine into the analysis center of the soul.


5. For the Unbeliever the Holy Spirit acts as a human spirit during His pre-salvation convicting ministry and booms the information of the Gospel into the analysis center automatically at Gospel hearing


6.  For the Believer under the filling or empowering ministry of the Holy Spirit, the sin nature is neutralized and the information goes automatically through the super natural bypass, the Human Spirit.


e. The use of the volition to shut down the function of the ministry, or empowering of the Holy Spirit is described by two words: quench and grieve.

If either of these conditions is true than the individual no longer is walking by the Spirit.

1. Quench is sbe,nnumi and means to restrain in the sense of stopping the function in question. 

a.  This stands for mechanically using the volition of the soul to restrain the control of the physical brain-stem by God the Holy Spirit.


b.  In Eph 5:18 the believer is told not to be under the influence of alcohol to the extent of intoxication, but to be under the influence of the Holy Spirit to the extent of imitation of God. (vs 5:1)  (great analogy)


c.  Alcohol in control of the body is a depressant and its symptoms are staggered gait, blurred or double vision, impaired reflexes, reduced mental functions, increased pulse rate, a decrease in blood pressure, dilated pupils,  flushed skin, drowsiness and stupor.


d.  The influence of alcohol on the  body is analogous spiritually to the sin nature in rulership of the life where it dominates the thoughts, choices and actions etc.;  all the while the ministry of the Spirit in the life of the believer is suppressed and distorted. 

The result is the Believer being under the influence, or domination of a totally inferior way of living.


e.  Under intoxication, the alcohol so saturates the cells of the body that the coordination of their function is totally interrupted; this is analogous to the contamination of every cell of the body by the sin nature inherited from Adam so that the natural function as created by God in the garden is now totally interrupted.

- Adam, Eve after the fall demonstrated their distorted perception of reality and reactions; operation fig leaf;  tried to hide from God; operation pass the buck; they also distorted their knowledge of God.


f. The antithetical option open to the Believer is to be under the control of God the Holy Spirit who also indwells the body.


g.  Under the control of the Holy-Spirit the now natural trends of the contaminated body of corruption are set aside, including those in the brain-stem which give incorrect read-outs to the soul.


h.  These cells are not 'converted' into 'good' use, because even though the Holy Spirit is in control, He will not use anything which falls into the category of -R under which all the body of corruption falls.


i.  Therefore a new spiritual apparatus, the human spirit is given to the Believer at the new birth, for the specific purpose of serving as the spiritual circuitry between the old set aside brain-stem and the living soul, the real you.


j.  Therefore 'quench' or 'restrain' means to stop this function of God the Holy Spirit by deliberate choice to sin or rejection of the will / Word of God.

In either case, the volition of the soul acts to 'flip' the switch in the B/C which turns off the ministry of the Holy Spirit and reactivates the sin nature.

This all occurs when?  We choose to stop walking by the Spirit!


2. When the believer chooses to sin, he chooses to 'restrain' the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

a.  The result is the anthropopathism of 'grief', ie. God the Holy Spirit is co-equal and co-eternal with the other members of the Trinity and none of them have ever been unhappy, much less grieved.


b.  'Grief' is the result of a broken relationship whereas 'restrain' describes the act of the volition to shut the ministry of the HS down,


c.  Grieving the Holy Spirit therefore simply means that the "living soul's" relationship with the Holy Spirit is broken, severed, cut off, shut down and the relationship of the "living soul" is now with the sin nature and the body of corruption.


9. This supernatural circuitry includes the human spirit functioning as a  spiritual brain-stem and giving direct, clear and accurate read-outs of doctrine or divine viewpoint to the soul's analysis center, which the body of corruption or brain can never do.


10. The brain, as a part of the body of corruption, can not give accurate read-outs to the soul's analysis center on any subject including doctrine. This is the reason that the only accurate interpretation of history, economics, ethics, etc, can be received by the Believer under the rulership of the Holy Spirit.